No-Sound Client
Information Client Host Client Size Last Updated Download
MuPlayringЛ Google Drive 750МБ 2021-04-22 21:52
MuPlayringL 4Shared 750MB 2021-04-22 21:50
MuPlayringL Mega.Nz 700MB 2021-04-22 13:51
MuPlayringL Dox.BG 748MB 2021-04-22 13:47
Full Client
Information Client Host Client Size Last Updated Download
MuPlayringL 4Shared 987 2021-04-22 22:10
MuPlayringL Google Drive 987MB 2021-04-22 13:50
MuPlayringL Dox.Bg 996MB 2021-04-22 13:29
Tools and Patches
Information Host Size Last Updated Download
Music & Sound Google Drive 237 2021-04-06 14:44
Music & Sound Dox.Bg 237 2021-04-06 14:41
Music & Sound 4Shared 237 2021-04-06 14:37
Music & Sound Mega.NZ 237 2021-04-06 14:24

- Please when you launch the game launch it from Launcher.Exe
- If you experience any issues during the gameplay and your client is not updated, please re-launch the game so your client take the latest updates.

System Requirements
Please check your system requirements to ensure your system is suitable for your selected game.

Component Requirements
Operating System Windows XP
Processor Pentium 4 – 2.0 Ghz or Higher
System Memory 1 GB or higher
Video Card 3D graphics processor
DirectX Version DirectX 9.0c or higher
Hard Disk Space 2GB or Higher

Download Drivers
Make sure you have the latest drivers installed. The links below will help you update the drivers best suited for your system.

  • Microsoft DirectX
  • GeForce Graphic Card
  • Radeon Graphic Card
  • Intel Graphic Card
  • Matrox Graphic Card
  • SiS Graphic Card